Recently I have developed an interest in web design, maintenance and photo retouching.
I have created a few web sites for cat fanciers, with more in progress.

I do not have set pricing for web site designs as each site is different.

I also do maintenance on existing sites (text & photo updates, additional pages,
pedigrees & photo retouching) at $25.00 per hour.

Please contact me if you are intested in having a web site designed or in
having me do web maintenance on your existing site .

Web Design:

The following are sites that I designed:

Alexy Siamese

Winterfrost Oriental Shorthairs

Haute-Ming Siamese (no longer active)

Blakewood Cattery

Penelane Colorpoint Shorthairs

Afina Siamese (no longer active)

Havana Brown Breed Council

Lexidon Siamese

Catomine Siamese

Caring For Cats Veterinary Hospital

Bijoux Siamese

Sanura Siamese

Yodan Siamese

Katzajen Siamese


These are sites that I update and maintain:

Thaifong Siamese

Ayuthaya Siamese

National Siamese Cat Club

CFA Siamese Breed Council

Proposed templates for new sites:

Template 6
Template New


Cage Sign Design:

For a nominal fee I can design a cage sign or button for you. The designs are produced
as a pin back metal button which is vibrantly colored and covered in scratch resistant mylar.
Buttons come in various sizes up to 6 inches diameter which makes a nice cage sign for shows.

Photo Retouching:

I do photo retouching billed out at $25.00/hour.
The following are examples of photos that I have retouched:

Original Photo © Blue Gems

Retouched Photo
Distracting background removed.
Contrast increased.
Addition to tail that draped out of original photo.


Original Photo
Retouched Photo
Image was brightened.
Right eye was opened up.
Original Photo © Twisted River
Retouched Photo
Another eye opened up.
Image contrast was increased.
Soft border feather affect added.
Original Photo © Chanan
Retouched Photo
Cat put on different background and
image was given more contrast.
Feathered vignette frame added.


Web Site Banners:

I can create a banner for your web site. The cost is from $50 to $75, depending on complexity.
Here are some examples of banners I have created:

Siamese Breed Council


Print Ads :

These are some print ads I have designed:

2009 CFA Yearbook
2010 CFA Yearbook
2009 CFA Yearbook
2009 Annual Delegate Book
2009 Annual Delegate Book
2009 Annual Delegate Book

2010 Annual Delegate Book

2011 Yearbook
2011 Yearbook

2011 Yearbook
2011 Annual Delegate Book

2011 Annual Delegate Book

2014 Yearbook

2018 Yearbook

2019 Annual Delegate Book



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