GC, RW Thaifong Tiamo of Alexy, DM

Blue Point Siamese Male
Date of Birth: July 07, 2006
Sire: GC Ayuthaya Kashan of Thaifong
Dam: GC Thaifong Star Dancing, DM

CFA's Best Siamese Kitten 2006-07
Great Lakes Region 14th Best Kitten 2006-07

Grand Offspring:

1. GC Alexy's TL Tango of Thaifong, DM (blue point male)
2. GC Alexy's Ti Adora of Thaifong (lilac point female)
3. GP, RW Alexy's Starship Commander (blue point neuter)
4. GP, RW Alexy Andantino of Topeng (blue point neuter)
5. GC Alexy De Lovely (blue point female)
6. GP, NW Alexy's Starship Admiral (seal point neuter)
7. GP Alexy's Sebastian (blue point neuter)
8. GC, GP Alexy's Nicolette of Lexidon (lilac point female)
9. GP Thaifong Alejandro of Ayuthaya (chocolate point neuter)
10. GC Alexy Mended Heart of Blue Isles (blue point female)
11. GC, RW Alexy Aphrodite of Bijoux (seal point female)
12. GC Alexy Bluebell of Deraza (blue point female)
13. GC Alexy De Lilac of Deraza (lilac point female)
14. GC Alexy Skyfall Silver of Doi Suthep (lilac point male)
15. GC Outnabout Passionate Kisses (blue point female)
16. GP Alexy Touched By An Angel (blue point spay)