Please take the time to review the following information:

Screening: Be prepared to answer questions about your family situation, lifestyle and present & previous pets. My goal is to try to find the best possible match between kitten and potential owner(s).

Returns/Refunds: Although I will always take a kitten back if it absolutely can't make the adjustment to the new home situation, I expect people to make a commitment to their new pet and give it every opportunity to fit in. Any cat or kitten returned must be retested for feline leukemia and the fee for this is the responsiblity of the purchaser. After two weeks, any refunds are at the discretion of the breeder and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Health Guarantee: All Thaifong kittens are sold at a minimum age of 12 weeks when they are fully weaned and have received the first two sets of standard vaccinations. The purchaser will receive a written health guarantee . While I do my best to assure that every kitten is in perfect health when it leaves, I suggest that you schedule a check up with your veterinarian within the first week. Please remember that purchasing a kitten is not like buying furniture. Kittens are living beings and the stress of changing homes can sometimes trigger illness. If the kitten develops a problem within the first week, the purchaster has the option of returning the kitten for a refund or a replacement kitten, if available. Under no circumstances will I be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred by the purchaser.

Neuter/Spay Contract: All Thaifong kittens are sold with a neuter/spay contract (if not already neutered or spayed at the time of sale). I sell breeding cats or kittens on a very limited basis -- usually only to friends or established breeders who can provide excellent references from other breeders and their veterinarians.

Registration Papers: All Thaifong cats and kittens are registered exclusively with CFA. The breeder will provide registration papers and a four generation pedigree upon receiving written proof that the kitten has been neutered or spayed (unless already neutered or spayed at time of sale). Please note that the fee for registering a litter of kittens is minimal and I do not offer a discount for kittens sold without papers.

Shipping: I will ship cats and kittens within Canada and the continental United States, although I prefer to place kittens locally. When I do ship, I use counter-to-counter service only. The cost of shipping, health certificate and airline approved carrier will be in addition to the cost of the kitten and is payable in advance. Please note that shipping is generally not possible during the summer or winter months because of extreme heat conditions.

Thank you for taking the time to carefully read my cattery policies. If you are still interested in a Thaifong kitten or have other questions, please e-mail me. Note: there is usually a wait time for kittens.


If you don't get a response at the above email address, try my backup email address.

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