GC Alexy's TL Tango of Thaifong, DM

Blue Point Siamese Male
Date of Birth: May 26, 2007
GC, RW Thaifong Tiamo of Alexy, DM
Dam: GC Alexy's Cha Cha D'Amour, DM
Breeder: Dianne-Bruce Alexy
Owners: D-B Alexy - Virginia Wheeldon - B. Arnold

Grand Offspring:

1. GP, RW Thaifong Peru of Ayuthaya (chocolate point spay)
2. GC, BW, NW Thaifong Rio of Ayuthaya (seal point male)
3. GC Thaifong Pekahn of Ayuthaya (lilac point female)
4. GC Towleroad's Pink Champagne (lilac point female)
5. GC Towleroad's Vin De Glace (blue point male)
6. GP Towleroad's Spumante (blue point spay)
7. GC Thaifong Paso Doble of Ayuthaya (blue point female)
8. GC Thaifong Brazilia! (seal point female)
9. GP Towleroad Vega Sicilia (blue point spay)
10. GP Thaifong Jamara of Ayuthaya (seal point spay)
11. GC, RW Shera Len Aria (blue point female)
12. GP Shera Len Luminence (blue point spay)
13. GC Shera Len Arabesque (blue point female)
14. GP Towleroad Gewurztraminer (blue point neuter)
15. GC Shera Len Ariva (blue point female)
16. GC Shera Len Fiesta (blue point female)
17. GP, RW Shera Len Hi Velocity (seal point spay)
18. GC Shera Len Arabecca of Lexidon (blue point female)

19. GC Shera Len Viking (blue point male)
20. GC, RW Shera Len Sonata of Angkor Glen (blue point female)
21. GC Shera Len Serenade (blue point female)
22. GC Shera Len Cadence (lilac point female)
23. GC Shera Len Caberet (blue point male)
24. CH, GP Shera Len Gaudi (seal point neuter)
25. GC Shera Len Sochi (blue point male)
26. GC Shera Len Firenze (blue point female)
27. GP Shera Len Dakota (seal point neuter)