CFA's Best Siamese Kitten 2007-08
Great Lakes Region's 8th Best Kitten & 11th Best Cat 2007-08

31 Times Best Kitten !

Racey had a glorious kitten career. She went best across the board at one of her very first shows in June and was third highest scoring kitten at National Capital, her second to last show. She was out early in the show season when counts were low and the points were scarce. She ended up missing a national kitten win by only 30 points.
Raisa at four weeks of age. No words needed! ........

Baby Racey at six weeks of age. For a while
her nickname was "Baby Phat". I told friends
that if she ever developed a body she was
going to be expensive.

Racey at 3 months of age, starting to blossom. I was
I was going to name her "Reason To Believe" but I
feared it was a big name to live up to so I shortened
it to Raisa - Racey at home. .......


Racey in June 2007 at the Canada's Capital show where she went best across the board.
Pedigree of
GC, RW Thaifong Raisa of Ayuthaya, DM
Born January 17, 2007
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents G-Great-Grand-Parents

GC Ayuthaya Kashan
of Thaifong
Lilac Point

GC, RW Ayuthaya Amoroso
of Thaifong, DM
Chocolate Point

GC Thaifong If I Can't Have
You ...
Seal Point
GC Rocee's Stiletto of Thaifong
GC, BW, RW Thaifong Spirit Song, DM
CH Angkor Rose Pawnee
of Ayuthaya
Chocolate Point
CH Angkor Rose Jacquard
GC Chimcheeree Caramel Kiss
Thaifong Khiva of Ayuthaya
Seal Point

CH Ayuthaya Native Spirit
of Thaifong
Seal Point
GC, RW Ayuthaya Amoroso
of Thaifong, DM
Angkor Rose Oneida
of Ayuthaya
GC Thaifong Shirvan
of Ayuthaya
Chocolate Point
Geishagoll Scimitar of Thaifong
GC Thaifong Serabande
of Purrmatix

GC Thaifong Star Dancing, DM
Seal Point

GC Rajda's Alakazam
of Thaifong
Seal Point

GC, RW Radja's Vishnu
Seal Point
GC, RW Davisiam Bro
San-Toi's Avatar of Radja
Radja's Miracle
Seal Point
GC, RW Sashimi Kats Rocket
of Radja
CH Geishagoll Vignette
of Radja
CH Thaifong Stardust Memories
Blue Point

Thaifong Polar Star
Lilac Point
Geishagoll Scimitar
of Thaifong
Thaifong Star Song
GC Alexy's Why Not?
of Thaifong
Seal Point
Klinekatz Blue Chip of
Jim-An-Di, DM
GC Jim-An-Di Carmina Burana of Alexy

Racey at National Capitol - September 2007
Third highest scoring kitten in show.

Racey was a one show grand at the National Siamese Cat Club show in October 2007. I went on to show her for two more months and she achieved a regional win in championship as well as the best of color lilac point Siamese in CFA.

Racey is an excellent mother. She has produced several lovely litters of kittens to date, with five of them granding - all lilacs (Raisella, Only Rac'N Roll, Pistol Pete, Qu-Joh and Le Rasoir). Razor's recent grand in the premiership class gave Racey her DM title.


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