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GC, RW Alexy For All We Know of Thaifong

Seal Point Female Born August 19, 2016
Sire: GC Alexy Jumping Jack Flash
Dam: Alexy La Maddelena
Breeder: Dianne and Bruce Alexy

CH Nepeta Raven's Wing of Thaifong

Seal Point Female
Sire: GC Tyjunsee Bently of Nianguaview
Dam: GC Nepeta Moondragon, DM

GC, RW Thaifong Santorini of Ayuthaya

Blue Point Female Born April 4, 2018
Sire: GC, NW Thaifong Santorino of Ayuthaya
Dam: CH Nepeta Raven's Wing

GC, RW Thaifong Rhiannon of Ayuthaya


Lilac Point Female Born January 4, 2015
Sire: GC Katsmith Boys 'Round Here
Dam: CH Bleunote Scarlett'sLacy of Thaifong


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