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GC Alexy For All We Know of Thaifong

PRA Tested N/N

Seal Point Female Born August 19, 2016
Sire: GC Alexy Jumping Jack Flash
Dam: Alexy La Maddelena
Breeder: Dianne and Bruce Alexy

GC, RW Thaifong Rhiannon of Ayuthaya


PRA Tested N/rdAc

Lilac Point Female Born January 4, 2015
Sire: GC Katsmith Boys 'Round Here
Dam: CH Bleunote Scarlett'sLacy of Thaifong

Thaifong Magie Noire of Ayuthaya

PRA Tested N/N

Seal Point Female Born April 18, 2016
Sire: CH Ayuthaya Beckham of Thaifong
Dam: CH Thaifong Magnolia of Ayuthaya

GC. RW Thaifong Raisa of Ayuthaya, DM

CFA's Best Siamese Kitten & Best Lilac Point 2007-08

Racey was shown at the National Siamese Cat Club in August 2014.
At seven years of age, she was highest scoring Siamese in championship
and finalled in nine out of ten rings.


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